Shut Up And Stop Being Racist


As many of you know I have been avidly following the World Cup. My family divided the teams up, I came third of all of us (the last team I had in the competition was Brazil, and I felt a lot like the Brazilian fans watching that one match, disappointed and then ended up supporting the other team)….

thank you. I feel less hated, really.

"As if playing a beautiful football and being the most friendly and caring team wasn’t enough, the German NT gave the natives of the reservation where they stayed in south Bahia a $10 000 euro check to buy an ambulance, as they couldn’t even transport any sick people to receive some health service. Also, as the nearest hospital wasn’t close to them, they left their resort (which was built by Brazilians of that area) for them to use as a school and a first aid post."
- Brazilians commentators on Germany NT (via kkroos)

(Source: kkroos)


The adventures of Peter Grant, a young officer in the Metropolitan Police, who, following an unexpected encounter with a ghost, is the first new recruit in 50 years for the small branch of the Met that deals with magic and the supernatural.

These books are so great, you guys. Gritty urban fantasy with a host of fleshed-out characters (including a POC protagonist) and intriguing mysteries. You should totally read them.

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